Skype Business Edition

Name : Skype Business Edition
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Size : 24MB
License : Full With Installer
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Post : Raynaldi S Kumar

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Skype - a revolutionary tool for voice communication over the Internet with video chat functions, which in a relatively short period of time has become almost a standard for IP-telephony. This popularity is due to a hitherto unheard of quality of voice transmission over the Internet, using even a very modest connection speeds

The company has updated Skype Limited new build the latest stable version of its eponymous client Skype. The program is a package for VoIP-telephony and video conferencing. Provides opportunities for transmission of video images using a web-camera, as well as organizing conferences involving several people. Supports text chat and file transfer. Allows users to call both your network and to landline phones (service SkypeOut). The latter service is paid. Price per minute depends on the region of destination. You can call almost anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can activate SkypeIn, which is provided with a personal direct number. It also can call from anywhere in the world. When you connect using peering technology, users actually connect directly to each other. In this case, you can even talk to the analog modem lines at low speed, connection quality does not suffer much.


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